NLP for curing Heartbreak

26 November, 2007

Using NLP inteventions to get over a feeling of devestating hearbreak is an all too familiar story to me - it is the reason I personally discovered NLP in the first place! I had a strong sense of admiration for my female client today who had made a 2 hour trip this morning to do just that, get over it and move on once and for all. Her main aim, like mine all that time ago, was to be able to talk about what had happend without crying. She wanted to be balanced about it. By the end of this one hour first meeting she was laughing and laughing and saying how incredibly sorry she felt for the poor man! This was a very different woman from the one that walked in. A case like this reminds me how rewarding and satsfying this work can actually be. We did a very simple text book 'trauma cure' to remove the events that she had been previously playing over and over in her mind to a neutral place in the brain, and a simple anchoring technique to restore some resourceful states of mind. I taught her how to throw away those visual images that just don't feel good to think about, and create a resourceful image of herself which she knew to be strong and able to cope. As she is a visual person these techniques were easy and integrated effectively. So much so she couldn't access the emotion she very first came in with!

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