5 Easy Ways To Live Life With More Ease

19 August, 2011

Do you get the feeling you are flowing downstream or going against the current upstream?

I had a really interesting moment the other day, and I write these kind of blogs including self-disclosure and my own learnings in life because I want people to know that because you are a coach and employed to help others, it does not mean you always think, feel or act "perfectly". You remain human which means that sometimes you forget "good habits" and you are always, always, always learning life's lessons. Your ability as a professional coach is to recognise these lessons and learnings as soon as they come along and then embrace them fully (and then go share them with others).

As some of you know I caught a horrible winter cold on Monday. I was sicker by Tuesday and even sicker by Wednesday. Getting physically sick is not ideal in and of itself of course, and I made the whole thing a lot worse by resisting the present situation, which caused me additional pain! My brain struggled itself upstream by thinking:

  • things were not as they "should" be - I was not accepting of the present moment
  • about the consequences of taking time off - my head was off in the future and what might happen
  • I had to "get better by tomorrow" so I could resume work - putting pressure on myself and not giving in to what my body was telling me
  • in a non-accepting way causing a generally irritable state of mind!

I then listened to an audio file that my good friend and fellow Coach Heather Stevenson sent me on her blog, called In The Meantime. It was recorded by Janice Lundy who is somewhat of a spiritual mentor. I didn't think it applied to me at first, as I didn't necessarily feel stuck, I just felt irritated and worried. However, listening to this reminded me of many things and helped me flip direction from struggling against the current upstream to flowing blissfully downstream. It was such a RELIEF. I felt instantly happier and made instant decisions which honoured my wellbeing in that moment and what my body was telling me it needed. And, some of you may not believe this, but I believe I felt myself start to heal physically almost as soon as I flipped into downstream mode. I write this today on Friday, and for someone who was convinced they were getting sicker as each day passed, I feel surprisingly healthy.

Here's how to live life with more ease, by giving up the upstream struggle at times, and allowing yourself to simply flow downstream:

  1. Let life happen: you don't control everything. Let go and give in to what has presented itself. There are things at play bigger than you.
  2. Trust that things work out: they do, and yet it is easy to forget this when things are less than ideal. Letting go, giving in and going with the flow of life all involves trust. And you can trust.
  3. Made decisions that feel good in the moment: forget about the future for a minute, what would feel best for you right now? What brings the greatest sense of relief in this moment? We can relax when we do our best to stick with now.
  4. Start again: I love this concept. No matter what has happened five minutes ago or two days ago, you can always, always, start again. I went from irritated to happy in just a few minutes - I started again.
  5. Self-nuture: how much time and space are you giving yourself to do those self-nuturing behaviours that honour your wellbeing? Forget the excuses, this is more important.

Be well (as my yoga teacher would say).

As always, I encourage your feedback.


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