Workshop Handout: Working-living balance

23 August, 2011

A great turn out at last night's seminar, thank you to all those who attended and participated and for your invaluable feedback.

Next week, Tuesday 30th August, 7-8pm is the final in the FREE series.

A copy of the handout from last night - What keeps us from a balanced lifestyle and how can we find a working-living balance that works?

  • Balance is crucially important to our physical and mental Wellbeing
  • We all know what those good “balancing” behaviours are - yet we stop ourselves from making decisions that self-nurture and honour our wellbeing
  • This is risky as we could Burn Out and not bounce back (serious Burn Out)
  • If we are not balanced we can also feel dissatisfied i.e. something’s missing in life
  • We all know what it is like to be out of balance
  • We remember from last week about the physiology of Stress and how your mind and body responds to your imagined thoughts (Inside Stress) as well as from outside triggers (Outside Stress)
  • By getting savvy about our earliest signs are we can catch being out of balance early, and make adjustments to bring us back into balance once more, quickly
  • You have identified with your group / partner what an Ideal Balance looks like to you - and how you would know if you were doing it
  • Remember this as this is a definition of your balance and also a goal-setting exercise
  • And yes - it is possible! As long as we keep the Destination Delusion in mind:
  • Balance is not a destination you will “arrive at one day” and then everything is dandy forever....
  • It is a JOURNEY and a continuous PROCESS that never stops as long as you are alive!
  • Think of the Juggling Ball Exercise as a metaphor and remember the Bicycle Metaphor
  • Working - Living - Balance = paying very close attention to what is going on in your life, how you feel - physically, mentally and emotionally - and the ability to make continuous adjustments and decisions at any given moment to swing back into balance again
  • What stops us from making decisions that honour our balance and wellbeing is usually based on a delusion of what others are thinking of us and our choices
  • This leads to us prioritising things that are wrong for us based on “should” and guilt
  • We need to balance consideration for ourselves and consideration for others
  1. Your Energy Bucket
  2. Your Cloud Meditation (will have the audio online soon...)

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