Workshop Handout: Self-esteem

30 August, 2011

The final workshop in the free Warming Your Winter Wellness series is complete! Thank you so much for everyone who came along and took part, you made them what they were. And your feedback in return has been very helpful indeed, it has really given me something to work with. I really enjoyed the whole experience and have a lot to expand on from here. Watch this space! Feedback is what makes us grow, and yours is always welcome here.

A copy of the handout from last night - How does our self-esteem affect our choices and what can we do to feel better about ourselves?

  • Self-esteem has many different aspects; we are focussing on two important aspects
  • Self-esteem is everything in your life and affects all your choices
  • Changing it = changing everything!
  • Self-esteem = Self-regard: your own regard for yourself:

How much you think you are worth
How valuable you think you are

This is based on:

What you believe about yourself
What you believe you are capable of
How much you like and love yourself

  • The biggest issue is the I’m not good enough syndrome (low value, low regard)
  • Self-esteem is NOT a static thing that you have or don’t have....
  • It is, like everything in life, a continuous process, a journey
  • There are two main aspects to the Self-esteem Cycle that keep it going:
  • Your Beliefs
  • Your Internal Dialogue
  • You are EITHER engaged in an:
  • Esteeming Cycle - increasing your regard for yourself; or a
  • Desteeming Cycle - decreasing your regard for yourself
  • Look at the word SELF-esteem: there is no OTHER-esteem!
  • You are completely in control of how you regard yourSELF
  • Understanding your Desteeming Cycle (beliefs and internal dialogue) will help you catch yourself out, so you can begin an Esteeming Cycle (beliefs and internal dialogue)
  • It doesn't matter how long you have been in your Desteeming Cycle, you can always, always, start again!
  • You will interrupt old neural pathways and build more effective neural pathways
  • You will feel better about yourself and this opens up everything in your life
  • You can make choices that are better for you
  • This is a continuous journey that never ends as long as you are alive, you can always feel better about yourself
  • Remember: everyone has value, and you, too, have value.
  • Please see your other handouts for your two key tools to bringing yourself back to your Esteeming Cycle:
  1. Self-esteem Cycle: Beliefs (please email me for a copy)
  2. Self-esteem Cycle: Internal Dialogue (please email me for a copy)

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