Why Delay? 3 Ways To Create Happiness Now

30 January, 2012

"Accept the inevitable truth that nothing lasts - and savour the peace that comes with it" - Like Sand Through An Hour Glass, from the book "happy" by Lonely Planet.

This statement, for me, works both ways. When we are distressed, unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed, we can remind ourselves that This Too Shall Pass. That it is only one combination of factors in and outside of you in this one given now moment, and can indeed change, sometimes in an instant, and sometimes takes a little longer.

Conversely, when we are in our happy moments, content, peaceful, at ease, blissful, we can recognise also that this is not set in stone, and can also pass. This might seem like a depressing thing to be saying on a personal-development blog; however, in my view it is empowering. By recognising that nothing lasts allows us to do three important things:

  1. Really slow down, and savour those moments and be fully present with them. Breathe and relax into them. Wake up into them. These happy moments are what your life is about, these are the moments you will be looking back on at the end of your life and remembering, with fondness.
  2. Create awareness about how you created these enjoyable feelings, to understand fully what is working for you in your life. Have you been looking after yourself well lately? Have you taken more time off? Have you been paying attention to those simple things that give you immense pleasure? Do you feel secure? Why are you enjoying what you are doing?
  3. Stop delaying happiness; stop waiting for "everything to be sorted" so that then you can, then, be happy. Once I've moved house, once I've got that promotion, once I've lost weight. People can live by waiting: waiting for a time and place where things are better and life is all "sorted". Realise that if you can find happiness in this one given now moment, you have succeeded in finding happiness in your life! What happens in five minutes or tomorrow is irrelevant.

My encouragement to you is to stop delaying, stop waiting for this delusion that one day you will reach your destination and then everything will be happy from then on in. Life is not like this. There will always be peaks and troughs, ups and downs, bumps in the road. To know happiness, you must also know sadness. Accept this, and accept that nothing lasts. That one leads to another.

Find things that bring you happiness in THIS moment. Moments you can savour. What would create them for you? What could you do that gives you pleasure, just in this moment? Where could you find love, appreciation, contentment? Is it that cup of coffee before your day starts? Is it sitting in the sunshine for five minutes? Is it that downtime with the cat? Is it reading your book for 10 minutes in the morning, before getting out of bed? Instead of dismissing these moments as just times in the day, savour the feeling of happiness as it presents itself to you, now.

I would love to know what your moments are - leave a comment and share :)

With love, Charlotte.

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