Creating Sacred Space

22 April, 2012

How much clutter do you live with, inside and outside? How much do you need and what would it be like to free yourself from the unneccessary?

We have just moved house. For the last few months, we have been sorting through things that have been acquired over the last goodness knows how many years. Repairing, selling, and giving away. Last time I moved house I thought I had shedded a lot of stuff - yet there was still significant amounts to shed this time!

It has been a significant cleansing process. A symbolic process. A sentiment of out with the old, and in with the new. My policy when going through this task of shedding the unnecessary was to ask myself two questions about my stuff to decide what to do with it:

  1. Do we currently use it? Or: is it useful?
  2. Is it beautiful?

It is so clear and peaceful to know that everything we have transported over is either of immense use to us (or will be) or is just beautiful and pleasurable. I have, I will confess to you, been rather brutal. For many years I have held on to things in the belief that I should hold them - because they provided some kind of memory from a trip or a person, or because someone bought it for me. It took me a while to get used to letting things go that had been bought for me, as I am a sentimental person and I like to stay connected to people through all kinds of means. However, I stuck to my two question policy, and therefore even gifts from others that I haven't used and did not like (sorry) have been passed on to someone who will appreciate them.

I view this decluttering of outside stuff as a symbolic gesture for the decluttering of inside stuff - the stuff of the mind. Why would we clutter our environment with stuff that we need not and that does not provide us with a useful service or a pleasurable moment? And why would we hold onto thoughts in our head (internal clutter) that do the same? It is amazing how simply you can begin to live, just with the essentials. And perhaps we need to view our internal environment the same way. My question to you therefore is:

What is the least you need to think to be useful and experience pleasure and joy?

I also plan to develop a policy that for every new thing that comes into the house, we give something old away. We have everything we need - and more. We are abundant with the beautiful essentials. My question to you therefore is:

What can you start clearning today? What can you let go of that you don't need?

Even if it is one drawer or cupboard a day. Enjoy the catharsis!

As always I welcome your comments and feedback and would love to hear from you below.

With love and clarity of the mind,


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