What Are You Willing To Do For Wellbeing?

5 June, 2012

Would you top up your petrol tank so it's always full when you need it? Or is it OK to let it sink to red-alert, where you grind to a halt if caught short?

As a coach of six years (and counting) experience, you might imagine I have helped a good number of folk manage and transform the effects of stress; physical illness, depression, sleep difficulties, lethargy, burn out, lack of concentration, lack of satisfaction, anxiety - to name just a new manifestations.

Most of us have opted for the lives we are living - we have a life, with people, children, animals and responsibilities in it. Unless we walk away from it completely then we have things we are required to do - sometimes under difficult circumstances.

This doesn't mean you are the stereotypical stressed-out executive, frazzled at the very mention of cooking dinner. It does mean that no matter where you are on the scale of responsibilities and your capacity to manage them, there will be some degree of stress in your daily life.

To work out how much - the only simple stress test I would ever recommend is tuning into how you FEEL. Your body is a great indicator of the level of stress vs wellbeing. And how you're thinking, is another. In short, if you're not feeling comfortable in the body and at peace in the mind there is stress lurking in your system.

Sometimes we need do nothing - we move through a difficult patch, it rights itself and we are back to being who we really are again. The problem is not this, as this is what stress is really designed for, a short-term push through difficulty. The problem is the rarity of short-term stress and the growing prevalence of long-term stress, draining the body and the mind of resources and resilience over time.

Here's the deal: coping with the every day stress to which we are all subjected needs to be preventive. Instead of waiting until you're really stressed where the signs are no longer subtle, expect that you have to deal with an amount of daily stress and get some practices in place to keep your resilience and resources topped up. It's a lot like topping up the petrol tank so it's always full, instead of sinking to red-light alert, where you might be caught on a long drive with no fuel and find yourself grinding to a halt.

Are you willing to give yourself 60 minutes a day, to feel great, and always "full"?
  • The first 30 minutes before you start your day are crucial - as they set the tone for the day ahead
  • The last 30 minutes of the day are crucial - as they set the tone for the rest ahead and the way you rise

If you can give yourself this time you will notice the difference within a few days and as time goes on the positive effect accumalates. You can choose what you do with that time - what makes you feel good? What fills you up? A walk to start the day? A meditation? Some gentle stretches to wake up the body and the brain? What winds you down? A meditation? Some gentle stretches? A light novel? A candle-lit bath?

My challenge to you: dare to care about your wellbeing enough to make this time non-negotiable.

I would love to hear how this goes for you and the difference it makes to your life. Leave a comment or email me.

Love, Charlotte.

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