Lunch Without Blackberries?

7 June, 2012

The world continues moving at a normal pace, yet we are speeding up! This post looks at some simple ways you can be renewing and recharging for better energy and performance.

When was the last time you sat down, ate lunch alone, and didn't look at your phone? What would it be like if you did?

Of course, lunchtime is only one time during the day, and a lot of people don't even take the time to move away from their desks (if you're one of these people I am impressed you are finding the time to read this post! Please, read on, you need it).

With mobile technology making it effortless for us to stay connected to others via text, email, Facebook, online news, forums, it's no wonder we find ourselves frazzled by the end of the day. We fall into bed exhausted to rise and start the cycle again the next day.

What for? What would we really miss if we gave ourselves some time out of communicating? Are things really that urgent that we can't take a break, for fear of missing out? Fear of what others might think? What would we gain if we had better boundaries and took regular breaks?

Answering that one is easy and obvious: renewal, recharge and energy - better physical and mental wellbeing - better performance.

It's something we all know, yet the difficulty of doing it prevails. Why not make it simple, and follow these few tips?

1. Every day, give yourself a portion of non-negotiable YOU-time.

Set a boundary around this. For example, it could be that no matter what's going on in the day, unless there's an in the moment emergency, you don't look at your phone during your lunchtime. Or, no matter what, you give yourself 15 minutes of breathing time before you go to bed.

2. Once decided, stick to doing it for at least two weeks. Every day.

Now, if you can't find 15-30 minutes in a day of non-negotiable YOU-time, then you have serious problems (or will have). Doing it for this length of time will set up a positive feedback loop - you will notice the benefits in your physical and mental wellbeing, and you will know they are likely because of this one variable. Then, you will be motivated to keep doing it, and the thought of not doing it will no longer appeal.

3. Notice the many benefits.

Apart from the direct effect on your wellbeing by doing something nourishing for yourself daily, you will also become the kind of person who makes an agreement with themselves and keeps it. This will encourage trust of yourself, which is another positive feedback loop, and a very worthwhile one to start.

Let me know how you go energy wise. I would be very interested to hear from you. Charlotte

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