What Gives You Energy?

2 August, 2014

Is what you spend time on the stuff that gives you energy and invokes vitality? Or is it draining or depleting?  This can be a challenging question when you think about the majority of acfivtiies during an average day ... 

It's been an interesting time for me lately where I really had to address this in my own life.  Work had become interesting and we have been renovating our house. What was said to be a 5 week job, has ended up being an over 3 month job, and is still not finished at the time of writing! This has meant that we haven't been able to inhabit our own home for a while, and I was stuck in a patten of perpetual winter sickness and rounds of dreaded antibiotics.  Luckily now, we are housesitting a lovely warm and dry home and I'm staying well, but it's not been without a few adjustments. 

At a recent coaching session, my supervisor challenged me to think about 'what gives you energy and vitality?' to help me break the spell of sickness. See, I knew my immune system was obviously struggling, and there are obviously physical reasons for that (I.e. the knock in effects of taking antibiotics). And I knew there was a mental component that was contributing. I was so worried about getting sick again that I was looking out for very little symptom. I was on a serious quest to 'stay well' - which of course is a positive thing. I did all the right things. But guess what, I suddenly got sick again and was put on my 4th round of drugs.  It was here I gave up the worrying once and for all, it was clear it was something I couldn't control.  What I could control was my attitude. And my behaviours and choosing where to put my focus and attention. 

So what have I done, to create more energy and vitality in my body and in my life? 

  • Prioritised myself.  Organised my work diary to be more forgiving at the beginning and end of every day, to not expend unnecessary energy. This makes no difference to my output, but every difference to how much energy I'm preserving. 
  • Nutrition. My diet is better than a lot of people's, but it could still be better. I have been in a daily juicing practice for about 1 month now, where I make myself a daily green juice. It's a great day to get your daily of greens for the day. For more details, get in touch with me. 
  • Unstructured time. At least one day of the weekend, and two nights a week, I like to have absolutely no plans. I don't need to see anyone, do anything, or get anything done. I usually like to spend some of this time alone, and do only what I 'feel' like doing. If that spends up being a PJ day, or a productive day, fine.  As long as it's what I feel like spending my time doing. No shoulds and no musts on this time!
  • Yoga. At least one class per week, and every night before bed at home. 
  • Meditation. 10 minutes per morning. 
  • Daily gratitude. I no longer journal, but I make sure I go through several things I'm grateful for in my head before I go to sleep. I did journal every day for about 2 months though, which is a good place to start. 
  • Knowing I'm eating and drinking stuff that my body actually likes. 
  • Listening / watching things that inspire me. 

What are you doing that gives you energy and vitality?  I'd love to hear from you! 


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